Yeast. Chronic cough. Tendonitis. Menopause and Chinese herbs, low back pain and more. Balancing Point 3.31.11

Introducing yeast or bacteria.  Chronic cough and getting the correct diagnosis.  Tendonitis.  Injury and pain. How to heal injury site. John's approach to patient care. New study reviewed on IBS. Menopausal syndrome and dang gui. New study on vitamin D and allergenic symptoms. Low back pain and acupuncture. Transforming anxiety and suffering. Considering statins.  About... Continue Reading →

Heart attack risk. Thyroid function and fertility. Arthritis pain. Fish oil. Stroke risk and more. Balancing Point 3.24.11

Concerns about dental x-rays. Risk vs. reward, heart attack rate increase. Scanner or pat down? Thyroid function and fertility. Arthritis and pain. Willpower and self control. Reaction versus response. Adrenal fatigue from TCM perspective.  How much fish oil to take. Bad cholesterol and stroke risk in women – no link. Fructose intolerance, children with gas... Continue Reading →

Balancing Point 3.17.11 Eczema. Leaky gut in depth. Menopausal symptoms. Fibromyalgia. Iodine and more.

Childhood eczema.  Leaky gut. TCM herbal formulas to heal the lining of the intestines.  Gut permeability, digestive enzymes, fiber, probiotics, secretory IgA, laboratory test GI Panel. Chinese herbs for extreme menopausal symptoms. Fibromyalgia and pain syndromes.  Iodine, radiation and thyroid health. Fungal infections. Toenail fungus. Mosquito bites. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and... Continue Reading →

Balancing Point 3.10.11 Create balance. Vit D safety. Reproductive health, estrogen dominance and more.

Creating your own balance as the highest form of healing.  Crude and invasive methods of healing. How much vitamin D is safe to take? Patenting naturally ocurring substance & price-gouging. How to be in control of your medical care. UCSF OSHER center, evidence-based medicine. TCM, reproductive medicine, estrogen dominance and vitamin D deficiency. Article reviewd:... Continue Reading →

Balancing Point 3.3.11 Chronic pain. Migraines. Distal acupuncture therapy. Lactose intolerance and more.

Movement and exercise, impact on chronic pain. World Health Organization (WHO), National Institute of Health (NIH), US Army, Department of Defense and Pentagon support acupuncture and are training their doctors to do acupuncture.  Department of Industrial Relations (Workers Compensation system of California) authorizes acupuncture treatments.  PUBMED 11,000 acupuncture studies. When pain is intense, what can... Continue Reading →

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