Pain 101. Balancing Point 5.30.11

Pain 101. What is pain. WHO recommends acupuncture for pain syndromes: arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue, colitis, dental pain, eye pain, facial pain, facial palsy, fibromyalgia,  headache, irritable bowel syndrome, low back pain, menstrual pain, migraine pain, osteoarthritis, PMS, breast tenderness, sciatica, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, tonsillitis, tooth pain, trigeminal neuralgia, wrist pain.  Mainstream Western medical approaches to pain treatments and medications.  Over the counter OTC pain medications. NSAIDS , non-union fracture, broken bone. Natural alternatives for pain relief. Back pain relief. Five biomedical theories explaining how acupuncture works. Pre and post-surgery.  Study on migraines and acupuncture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming.

The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition, and more.  Host Dr. John Nieters, acupuncturist and health educator.

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