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Educational and Fun

  • Call-in radio show
  • Fridays 7am-8am PST
  • KEST 1450 AM San Francisco, CA

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With compassion and humor, Dr.  John Nieters, L.Ac. strives to answer our health questions.

Sometimes poignant, sometimes irreverent, always an adventure.

What will you ask to make in difference in your life and health?

The Balancing Point radio show and podcast makes Eastern Medicine available and understandable for Westerners.

Learn about Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Qi Gong, Tai Ji, Supplements and Nutritional Therapy

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  1. love the show live and I’m having a hard time opening these archieved podcasts, what am I doing wrong. Clicked on the subscribe via itunes and it says address is invalid. Thanks, Michael

  2. Hi John, I recently left a comment/query (however I’ve been listening to random podcasts and I now can’t find my query). So I’m sending it again- I wanted to thank you for the accessible way you explain TCM concepts- I am a student and i stumbled across this podcast- it is a wonderful resource! My question is about a show that you supposedly did on candida – i’ve searched within the balancing point page and i cannot find it but apparently it is available on itunes. Would you kindly direct me to the relevant link/show? Many thanks in advance! Jen

    1. Hi Jen – we are going through the archives and adding the old shows. Eventually I will have a few up on candida. When I post shows, I will announce it on the facebook page. In terms of published shows, there are three that cover yeast and candida… this link should bring them up! Hang in there, eventually all the shows will be uploaded and searchable by topic. – Jenny Nieters

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