Balancing Point podcast in iTunes

BP dreamstime_xl_16865993To all of the listeners worldwide, thank you for your patience.  The Balancing Point is now available in iTunes.

Shows will be uploaded weekly and announced on Facebook.  Thank you for your support.

Looking forward to your phone calls and questions on Fridays 8-9am PST.

Live in the San Francisco Bay area on KEST 1450 AM.

Please leave your reviews in iTunes.  We enjoy seeing your feedback.

3 thoughts on “Balancing Point podcast in iTunes

    • Hi Rawls, we are adding new shows regularly, starting from 2011 and moving forward in time. One day soon we will be caught up!


      • Hi John, thank you for your podcast- I came across it recently whilst studying online. You mentioned a letter in one of your shows from a listener Denise who made a lot of lifestyle changes along with seeing a chinese medicine practitioner. She mentioned listening on itunes to one of your shows on candida. I’d really like to hear it as i love the way you explain some of things we are studying in a way that is really accessible to me. Where can i find that show on candida? Many thanks, Jen


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