Gravitational Fields; Facial Rejuvenation; H Pylori; 10.20.2017


A combination of GI Care by Evergreen, Powerful Digestive Flora from Bio Essence and mastic gum has been effective in treating H pylori.

Book of the Week:  PEMF – The Fifth Element of Health: Learn Why Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Supercharges Your Health Like Nothing Else! by Bryant Meyers.  He details gravitational fields and how we are affected.

Alameda Acupuncture Specialties:

Jenny Nieters – Sports and Orthopedic Medicine

John Nieters – Internal Medicine including gynecology and endocrinology

Kathryn Black – Rejuvenation Specialist – including Arvigo Mayan Massage which is an excellent lymphatic drainage opportunity; facial acupuncture; cupping and detox programs.



Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming.

The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition, and more.  Host Dr. John Nieters, acupuncturist and health educator.

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