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Chinese Medicine; Governing Channel; Bakers Cyst 3.30.2018

  Chinese Medicine has proven to be tremendously effective at reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. A Bakers Cyst is usually the result of knee joint conditions, such as arthritis or torn cartilage, that cause the knee to produce too much lubricating fluid. Turmeric, Frankincense and Myrrh is a superb herbal combination for inflammation. The […]
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Leaky Gut; Spleen Qi Deficiency; Mammograms; 3.23.2018

  The gut is our area of most dangerous exposure to bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.¬† We need an acidic stomach in order to pull out iron, B12, calcium and a host of other things. Secretory IGA – one of several lines of defense in the gut. Consistent or overuse of NSAIDS can contribute to leaky […]
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