Leaky Gut; Spleen Qi Deficiency; Mammograms; 3.23.2018


The gut is our area of most dangerous exposure to bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.  We need an acidic stomach in order to pull out iron, B12, calcium and a host of other things.

Secretory IGA – one of several lines of defense in the gut.

Consistent or overuse of NSAIDS can contribute to leaky gut.

Spleen Qi Deficiency can result in cold limbs and a white coat on the tongue.

One of the jobs of the spleen is to transform and transport fluid.  Swelling in the tongue is a good indicator that the spleen isn’t doing it’s job.  It can take months for the tongue to become robust again after the Spleen Qi has improved.

Though not done through western medicine, the ideal order of diagnostic tools used in breast health detection would be – thermogram, ultrasound, MRI and then mammogram.

Breast Health Project – shows how to do proper breast massage and proper breast self exam.  Self exams should be done on the same day of your cycle every month.





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