Chinese Medicine; Governing Channel; Bakers Cyst 3.30.2018


Chinese Medicine has proven to be tremendously effective at reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow.

A Bakers Cyst is usually the result of knee joint conditions, such as arthritis or torn cartilage, that cause the knee to produce too much lubricating fluid.

Turmeric, Frankincense and Myrrh is a superb herbal combination for inflammation.

The governing channel is on the yang side of the body (exposed side) and governs many of the body’s functions.

The conception vessel runs up the front on the yin side of the body.

Recent report in Scientific Reports:  The discovery of a new organ in the human body.  A really thin layer of very dense connective tissue that runs throughtout the entire body; sandwiched just under the skin within the middle layer of every visceral organ.  The Chinese have actually been treating this organ for approximately 2,000 years and refer to it as the Triple Burner Channel.





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