Blood Stasis; Meditation; PreDiabetes; Vaccines; 4.20.2018

The longer we can put off being vaccinated the less damage is done.

Body movement is important for healthy blood flow.  The body is dependent on healthy blood flow to carry oxygen in, nutrients in to feed muscles, and to take the cellular waste out.   Artificial electromagnetic frequencies that we are overly exposed to can cause the blood to clot, the flow to slow.  Food sensitivities and food allergies can also negatively affect healthy blood flow.

Book of the week:  Grain Brain by David Perlmutter.  This book looks into what happens when people consume large amounts of grains, particularly wheat.

When we look at issues such as pre diabetes or borderline high cholesterol, the same things can be said for both.  If caught in the early stage (pre diabetes; borderline high cholesterol) it doesn’t take a lot of work to change it.  Once it becomes actual diabetes or high cholesterol numbers, then you have to do a lot more to get it down.





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