Qi Gong Observations

More insight into Qi Gong and ways to practice it throughout your life.

How to practice and not stress:

  • Know it will take a long time to learn the Tai Qi set
  • Key is to NOT STRESS!
  • Takes about 4 months, of 2 days a week practice to learn a Tai Qi set
  • Different way to move body
  • Practice Tai Qi movement throughout your day
  • Traditionally taught by learning skeleton of movements, then teacher provides intense set of correctiveness.
  • After adding Qi Gong elements, which includes how to move energy in set.

Dr. John Nieters began studying Tai Qi with Master YC Chang almost 50 years ago. He also studied Wing Chun and small circle Jiu Jitsu. He started his studies with Peter Ralston – who won the full contact World Championships held in China (the first non-Asian to do so) in 1978 – in 1980 and continued to apprentice with him until 1992. He studied Tai Qi Chuan, Hsing Yi Chuan, Ba Gua, Free Fighting, Tai Qi Sword, Shaolin Staff, Ta Lu, and San Shou. While he apprenticed he also taught Tai Qi Chuan and Free Fighting.

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