Sherlock Holmes comes to Alameda Acupuncture

The Curious Case of the Drunken Teetotaler

Doctors are perplexed and a wife doesn’t know what to do when her husband displays erratic behaviors. Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM is often known as the Sherlock Holmes of Acupuncture. Hear an actual case study where his specialized skills are utilized to help this family.


Male adult patient comes in with a chief complaint of excessive sweaty hands. Through various diagnostic tools, Dr. John Nieters is able to recognize symptoms of hyperthyroidism, intestinal permeability, SIBO, blood sugar imbalances and Auto-Brewer Syndrome.

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  1. I absolutely loved the case of the drunken teetotaler. It was so fascinating, it keep me at the edge of my seat. Bravo to you Dr. Nieters for cracking the case when no other doctor could!

  2. From the memory of a then ten year old… This presentation brings to mind a B&W episode, of the original Perry Mason (from the early sixties; maybe even the late fifties?), where he defended a client, accused of being a drunk driver; and demonstrated before the judge, how his client went from sober to ‘snockered’ within a couple of minutes, after being fed a few ‘soda crackers’. ‘Case dismissed’. But there was no resolution offered as to the future; for how this client needed to manage his underlying, biochemical condition, to avoid further arrest.

    1. Love finding this! Wait ’til I show my husband, David Stouder, sleeping just next to me in his “office” chair…he really likes Sherlock …and, of course, Dr John Nieters and David Stouder co-host the best radio shows.
      David, do you have a moment?

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