Balancing Point Weekly Podcast 1/30/21

Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, discusses

  • What to do Post-COVID for lingering symptoms, and preventing future problems.
  • Importance of Functional Medicine in diagnosing anemia
  • Are steroids the best option for treating Asthma?

Podcast Notes:

00:00 Intro. Recreating radio call in show. Inviting the public to email ( or ask any questions they would like to have discussed on the show. 

01:40 What should people do after experiencing COVID? Many still feel tired, lingering symptoms, and having concerns about COVID affecting their health. 

  • Build your immune system in general to prevent COVID
  • Have doctors perform an EKG
  • Clear up sludgy blood
  • Have inflammatory markers checked on blood work
    • hs-CRP (high-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein)
    • CRP (C-Reactive Protein)
    • Homocysteine
    • Hemoglobin A1c
    • Fibrinogen
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis
    • Evaluate sublingual veins under tongue
    • Hand observations
      • Osler Nodes
      • Jane Way lesions
      • Splinter hemorrhages
    • Pulse Diagnosis
      • 9 different positions
      • 28 different pulse pictures

21:25 Recently had a patient come in with their lab work. Their doctor told them all their labs were normal. When they showed us the labs, there were 5 markers out of range showing anemia. Why did their doctor not recognize this?

  • Standard lab ranges vs functional lab ranges
  • Anemia can be a cause for anxiety and ADHD
  • Functional Lab Ranges
    • Triglycerides – below 100
    • MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) size of RBC – 84-90
    • Hemoglobin at least 13
    • RBC Women over 4.3/ Men 4.8 or higher
    • WBC 3.5-6.0
    • Ferritin Women 50-125/ Men 75-150
    • Platelets 225-275
  • High iron levels are dangerous
    • Oxidative reactions
    • Inflammation
    • To increase levels –
      • Most effective is to eat meat
      • Liver

42:57 Concerned with asthma and needing to take steroids. Is this the best option?

  • Steroids are lifesavers. Take them when needed for short term.
  • Side effects are Osteoporosis
  • Importance of going to the root of the problem for the asthma
    • heat induced
    • cold induced
    • exercise induced
    • reaction to environment
  • 1.5-2 times greater risk of osteoporosis with inhaled asthma
  • Mount Sinai asthma study: Pharmaceuticals vs. Herbal formula
  • Take care of bones if need to take steroids
    • Vitamin K – 180-500mcg/ day
      • Increases osteocalcin levels – attracts Calcium to go into bones and teeth
      • Activates Matrix GLA protein; which pulls calcium out of heart and soft tissue. 
    • Vitamin D – 5000 IU/ day
      • Activates Calcium, but does not direct it.
      • Good to combine with Vitamin K. 
    • Strontium
    • Magnesium
    • Low dose Calcium

51:30 Post COVID During COVID attacks and post COVID, finding huge shift in microbiome. Due to shift, much more residual inflammation. May be critical to take probiotics

  • No research as to which probiotics are specifically needed now. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. 

The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition, and more.  Host Dr. John Nieters, acupuncturist and health educator.

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