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Q&A 4/5/22 Sleep problems, Appendix, Old foot injury, Postpartum & histamine and Concussions

Podcast Highlights: 03:02:19 – I’m currently doing the liver flush and I’m noticing my deep sleep isn’t as long as it normally is. Why would that be? 09:03:18 – Has the function of the appendix been determined by traditional medicine? They say it has no function, although it doesn’t make sense that nature would do […]
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Q&A 3/29/22 Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Liver/ Gallbladder

Full video of webinar: Podcast Highlights: 02:00 pH changes in the digestive system 7:40 Gallbladder stones 10:00 Bristol Stool Chart 11:50 The Hun 12:50 Zong and Fu organs 14:48 Paired organ meridian relationships. 17:57 Adrenal Glands and kidney meridian 23:16 Hun, wood, growth 24:51 The general liver 25:44 Gallbladder administrator 30:12 drinking Tart Cherry juice […]
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Q&A 3/22/22 Functional Labs, Long COVID, Adrenal Fatigue, Gallbladder pain, Hiatal Hernia, CT Scans/ Ultrasound

Podcast Highlights: 01:08 “I talk to my doctor about the labs and he says you don’t need to be worried about those labs. They’re within normal limits, etc.. 11:02 I had mild COVID symptoms. I added brain fog, low appetite. low optimism. I’m just in survival mode. I move 40% slower than usual. 29:57 I […]
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