Weekly Podcast: It All Begins in the Gut

Podcast Highlights: It All Begins in The Gut Importance of getting the liver to function properly. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is the General in the body.Looking at depression, anger, irritability, frustration and the role the Liver plays. Importance of reducing inflammation in the gut. Wheat and leaky gut connection10-Day coaching and educational group starting... Continue Reading →

Rhythms of Life: 5 Questions for Problem Solving

Podcast Highlights: Focused Attention: Solving Problems Is your history causing you to not be focused?You can be focused on your history in order to look forward with change in your life.Importance of focusing on solutions5 Questions to ask when you have a problem. Podcast Notes: Kathryn Black: Hello and welcome to TheBalancingPoint, I'm Kathryn Black... Continue Reading →

Importance of a Liver Flush

https://youtu.be/ajOdbN8sMfo Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, talks about the Liver/Gallbladder and the roles it plays in all areas of our health. The importance of having a healthy liver and the ability to clear toxins, virus, bacteria, mold and lyme so that we are able to recover from illness, trauma and external environmental toxins quickly. If... Continue Reading →

Rhythms of Life: Accountability Dialogue

Podcast Highlights: Accountability Dialogue The point of accountability is observation without judgment.If someone judges us or gives us feedback, our first response, may be it's gross or very subtle.Our first response is generally a little bit of resistance.If it's truly someone holding us accountable, then the only appropriate response to that is to move our lives... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update 2-10-21: PMS, Lymphatic Cleanse and Liver Flush

Podcast Highlights: How herbs and acupuncture can help relieve PMS symptomsImportance of doing a lymphatic cleanseAlameda Acupuncture 14-day lymphatic group cleanseImportance of a liver flush to further healing. Podcast Notes: 00:00  Hello and welcome to The Balancing Point. I am Kathryn, here with Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM for another Weekly Update. Dr Nieters: I... Continue Reading →

Recreate Life: Creating a Vision Statement & Importance of Vision Partners

Learn how to: Write an ideal vision statementWork with a vision partner to have it come to pass. Podcast Notes: Hello there, this is Dr. Nieters again, and last week we started to do, Kathryn and I, who is here with me, started to do a little work on what one could call coaching, someone... Continue Reading →

Podcast Rhythms of Life

Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, discusses Winter - Rest/ hibernate. Sleeping 11-12 hours a night. Warm, hearty foods. Light/ moderate exerciseSpring - Green vegetables, high antioxidant, high fiber, sleep 8 hours, increase exercise/ move/ stretch.Summer - Time to work on projects, Eat lightly, Minimal alcohol, hot spices, 5-8 hours of sleep.Autumn - Finish projects, Red/... Continue Reading →

Balancing Point Weekly Podcast 1/30/21

Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, discusses What to do Post-COVID for lingering symptoms, and preventing future problems. Importance of Functional Medicine in diagnosing anemia Are steroids the best option for treating Asthma? Podcast Notes: 00:00 Intro. Recreating radio call in show. Inviting the public to email (healthandwellness@pacbell.net) or ask any questions they would like to... Continue Reading →

Podcast is BACK! Recreate Life in a More Powerful Way: The Art of Intention & Ability to Create It

Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, is back on the air with his podcast. You will be able to find him on YouTube, iTunes and TheBalancingPoint.net. This podcast will talk about some specifics that relate to where we are as a people and a culture. He provides ideas to help start and recreate life in powerful way... Continue Reading →

Red Tongue Tip – What Does It Mean?

https://youtu.be/fwdKCqGo6WQ Did you know the tongue can reveal quite a bit about what is going on with your health. If the tip of your tongue is redder than the rest of the tongue, this can indicate you are experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety and/or insomnia. Symptoms could include: Over thinking Agitated Uneasy feeling Easy... Continue Reading →

Insomnia and Acupuncture

https://youtu.be/_o_-ZzIpfhE Insomnia is when you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Insomnia side effects could include - fatigue, mental sluggishness, brain fog, irritability, depression, anxiety, excessive worry, difficulty focusing, and even accidents. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees insomnia as an imbalance of energies (or Qi) throughout the body. Insomnia can be from Qi Stagnation... Continue Reading →

Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Hepatic Hypothesis

https://youtu.be/6AWMtHr3I_c Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac, DAOM discusses a case study from his practice of a man who was experiencing chronic cellulitis, delirium tremens, cirrhosis and fatty liver. Hear how the symptoms were presented and treatments given. Dr. John Nieters has been serving the Bay Area community for over 35 years. In his practice at Alameda... Continue Reading →

Tai Qi: Separate Left Foot

https://youtu.be/VgwbX2BsbQs The next phase of the 24-Tai Qi Series - Separate Left Foot. Dr. John Nieters reviews the previous moves, then demonstrates the Brush Knee and Twist movement. Dr. John Nieters began studying Tai Qi with Master YC Chang almost 50 years ago. He also studied Wing Chun and small circle Jiu Jitsu. He started... Continue Reading →

Tai Qi: Brush Knee & Twist

https://youtu.be/FZ3XVcIYEQA The next phase of the 24-Tai Qi Series - Brush Knee and Twist. Dr. John Nieters reviews the previous moves, then demonstrates the Brush Knee and Twist movement. Dr. John Nieters began studying Tai Qi with Master YC Chang almost 50 years ago. He also studied Wing Chun and small circle Jiu Jitsu. He... Continue Reading →

Sherlock Holmes comes to Alameda Acupuncture

The Curious Case of the Drunken Teetotaler https://youtu.be/dxSZs3YBhOU Doctors are perplexed and a wife doesn't know what to do when her husband displays erratic behaviors. Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM is often known as the Sherlock Holmes of Acupuncture. Hear an actual case study where his specialized skills are utilized to help this family. Synopsis:... Continue Reading →

Opening Car Door… Tai Qi Style

https://youtu.be/H_4rPZIYxhU Did you know you can apply Tai Qi movements to everyday tasks? Dr. John Nieters demonstrates how using your core to open the car door can be effortless and reduce the chance of injury. Dr. John Nieters began studying Tai Qi with Master YC Chang almost 50 years ago. He also studied Wing Chun... Continue Reading →

Tai Qi: The Source of the Force

https://youtu.be/vWHqr4AQTPE Dr. John Nieters discusses the the Tai Qi principles on the importance of alignment and applying all movements through the core. Dr. John Nieters began studying Tai Qi with Master YC Chang almost 50 years ago. He also studied Wing Chun and small circle Jiu Jitsu. He started his studies with Peter Ralston –... Continue Reading →

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