What to Expect In a New Patient Appointment

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your appointment:

After yYou will receive an email directing you to fill out our online new patient
paperwork. Our paperwork is very extensive and takes a bit of time to
complete. Here is a video explaining why we have such detailed paperwork


Your visit includes a very thorough analysis of your prior labs. Please bring or send copies of your previous lab work and imaging study reports.
Here is a video explaining why we do a very complete Functional Medicine Lab Review

Plan on your initial appointment running 90-120 minutes long. 

Wear comfortable clothing.

When filling out the New Patient Paperwork, please give yourself at least 20 minutes to complete. There is no autosave, so you will need to complete the paperwork in one sitting. 

It is recommended to use Chrome on your desktop and/or laptop. You can download Chrome here: Google Chrome Download Page

Chrome is the best option for laptops, desktops, and most other devices. The only exceptions are SAFARI on an iPad or iPhone, and EDGE for a Microsoft Surface or Windows Phone. 

Your appointment will include:

* An in-depth interview
* Lab review
* Thorough diagnostic exam 
* Acupuncture treatment

You will get “the whole package”

Parking is available on the street, as well as a parking garage ½ block from our location (next door to CVS). Parking in the rear of our building IS NOT ALLOWED. 

Due to the tremendous variation in supplement quality, we ONLY provide high quality supplements and herbs. Please plan for the possibility of an additional cost for supplements/ herbs at your appointment. Here is a video explaining why we provide only the highest quality supplements/ herbs.

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