Commonwealth Club: Electroacupuncture and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Reignite the Spark! ELECTROACUPUNCTURE FOR THE TREATMENT OF NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES   Hear of the latest research behind electroacupuncture and neurological diseases: Alzheimer's disease/ Dementia Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Motor Neuron Disease Parkinson's Multiple Sclerosis Neurological disease is an increasingly common issue in our lives today, but research is building on the different ways acupuncture can... Continue Reading →

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Q&A 1/19/23 Transient Global Amnesia, non H-pylori ulcers and Who should do a Liver Cleanse?

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: Coming Soon Transcript from Webinar: Coming Soon... REFERNCES: Coming Soon... Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, is an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, functional medicine, writer, teacher, and leader in the community. In this episode, John talks about his experience with the importance of finding your vision and purpose in life, in order to create... Continue Reading →

Q&A 1/5/23 Menopause and Traditional Chinese Medicine

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: Coming Soon Transcript from Webinar: Coming Soon... REFERNCES: Coming Soon... Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, is an acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, functional medicine, writer, teacher, and leader in the community. In this episode, John talks about... Continue Reading →

Q&A 7/26/22 Simple Lab Tests that Can Make a Big Difference

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 03:19 Simple Lab Testing 04:18 Ideal Functional Ranges 07:20 White Blood Cells 10:25 Hemoglobin 12:06 RDW 14:17 MCV 15:13 Platelets 20:05 hs-CRP 20:55 Homocysteine 21:19 D-Dimer 23:25 Fibrinogen 24:09 GGT  24:48 Ferritin 25:49 Can high platelets lead to menstrual cramps Transcript from Webinar: Welcome to another edition of "Ask Dr. Neiters" here... Continue Reading →

Q&A 7/19/22 Hypertension


Q&A 7/12/22 Long COVID, Benefits of Acupuncture

Podcast Highlights: 00:30 POST COVID EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS 12:17 RESEARCH ARTICLES 22:39  Why doesn't everybody get acupuncture all the time? 34:57 Acupuncture and HPA system Transcript from Webinar: Hello there. This is Dr. John, back with you. I want to thank Kathryn for doing such a great job. Last week I was a little under... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/28/22 All About Sodium

  Podcast Highlights: 00:27 Taking Breaks from Adaptogens 04:26– Serum Sodium Ranges 05:40 – U-Shape curves 08:06– Functional Ranges on blood work 09:28 – The Salt Fix 10:50 – Healthy Sodium ranges 12:01– Low Sodium 13:25– Adrenal Fatigue 15:48 – Orthostatic Hypotension 20:36– Table Salt 24:01 - Aldosterone 25:44 - Hypovolemia 28:41 – Mild Hyponatremia... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/21/22 Skin Cancer, Olive Oil & Cholesterol

  Podcast Highlights: 01:00 – Benefits of Chrysanthemum 04:33 Pre-cancerous signs on the skin and things to watch for 14:12 COVID and Micro-clots 18:45 Thromboembolic Events 20:18 Lab Test Recommendations 23:38 Genetic SNPs 40:12 Olive Oil Intake and Mortality 44:38 Avocado Benefits 48:06 Cholesterol Benefits 51:27 Vitamin D and Calcium Transcript from Webinar: Howdy... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/14/22 Migraine Headaches

  Podcast Highlights: 00:41 Summer benefits of Watermelon 03:10 SIGNFICANCE OF FOOD TEMPERATURES 03:43 SIGNIFICANCE OF FOOD COLORS 04:31 What is the Health impact of inorganic salts versus organic sodium from plants like celery, tomatoes, etc.." 08:23 Is Camellia Sinensis a super absorber of toxic environmental fluoride from soil, etc.?" 12:55 HEADACHES – Which Migraine... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/7/22 Fatty Liver

Podcast Highlights: 00:44 Acupressure and Essential Oils 05:15 A little bit about water 12:23 Do you use toothpaste with fluoride? 13:31 Hey, Dr. John, my brother was diagnosed with nonalcoholic, fatty liver disease. Is that a real thing? Should I be worried about it? Should I be tested for it? And is there a treatment?... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/31/22 Thyroid Disorders

  Podcast Highlights: 00:43 What is the relationship between depression and leaky gut? 02:15 What about Leaky Gut and ADHD? 03:18 I've gained 35 pounds in the past two months. I went from eating gluten free, sugar free to eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I haven't been dealing with life very well. Is... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/24/22 Digestion: SIBO, SIFO, EPI and Leaky Gut

  Podcast Highlights: 03:23 My naturopath has said that I have SIBO, SIFO, EPI and leaky gut. What does this all mean and does it make sense? 06:00 Chewing Food 11:50 Bitter Foods 30:30 Hiatal Hernia 31:32 H. Pylori 34:02 Pancreas and Gallbladder 36:02 "EPI." Endogenous Pancreatic Enzyme Insufficiency 38:01 Breaking Down Enzymes 41:41 Leaky... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/17/22 D-Dimer, micro-clotting, Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Long COVID Symptoms

  Podcast Highlights: 06:11 High D-Dimer test results while in ER 45:42 Type of magnesium recommended for long-COVID heart problems. 47:14 Which brands of nattokinase and serrapeptase do you recommend? 48:10 What do you think about Health Concerns supplement - Serramend? Transcript from Webinar: Hi there.  Welcome to another edition of "Ask Dr. John."... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/10/22 Brain Inflammation, Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid, Digestive Problems

  Podcast Highlights: 01:55 Keep Your Mind Healthy So You Can Help in Meaningful Ways 04:00 The Neurotransmitter Paradigm 05:19 SSRI's:  An Occasional solution for an occasional Problem 07:21 CYTOKINE STORMS: The Healing Inflammatory Process Run Amok 11:32 Ibuprofen and Gluten positive correlation to Leaky Gut 13:26 lactobacillus rhamnosus 15:29 Anxiety: Sign of Vitality or... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/3/22 Brain Fog, Magnesium toxicity, Tattoo’s & Anxiety and Depression.

Podcast Highlights: 00:44 I'm having horrible brain fog lately. What causes it? And is there anything that can be done about it? 19:02 Hi, Dr. Nieters, I received a bottle of magnesium threonate last evening. Took the first capsule of the day's three capsules serving, at 6:12. Noticed I was actually feeling more relaxed and... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/26/22 Old Scars and Benefits of Coffee and Tea

  Podcast Highlights: 03:31:22 Could my internal organs be displaced after a C-section 17 years ago or from adhesions forming after that surgery? Could visceral manipulation be good to try for diagnosis and or relief?" 25:59:27 Is all caffeine, the same? Coffee and tea? Does the different sugar content in soft drinks make a difference?... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/19/22 Arthritis and TCM and What’s the Best Form of Magnesium to Take?

Podcast Highlights: 02:30:05 What is TCM's model of care for arthritis and what is causing the imbalance? And can it be reversed? What would be a combined treatment using functional medicine and TCM involved? 33:38:29 What's the best form of magnesium to take? Full video of webinar: Podcast Highlights: 02:30:05 What is TCM's model... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/12/22 Hypertension and Sammi People, Hypovolemia, Orthostatic Hypotension, Low Aldosterone, Low or High MCV on Lab test, Mushrooms/Caffeine/Espresso for ADD, Hives after virus, Dementia and supplements

Podcast Highlights: 01:31:03 - Hypertension and polymorphisms of the Sammi people 10:12:06 - I have a MCV on my blood test of 101, what does that mean? 27:29:18 - What are your thoughts about using mushrooms as an alternative to caffeine or espressos? 30:25:19 - What's can I put in a protein shakes for my... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/5/22 Sleep problems, Appendix, Old foot injury, Postpartum & histamine and Concussions

Podcast Highlights: 03:02:19 - I'm currently doing the liver flush and I'm noticing my deep sleep isn't as long as it normally is. Why would that be? 09:03:18 - Has the function of the appendix been determined by traditional medicine? They say it has no function, although it doesn't make sense that nature would do... Continue Reading →

Q&A 3/29/22 Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Liver/ Gallbladder

Full video of webinar: Podcast Highlights: 02:00 pH changes in the digestive system7:40 Gallbladder stones 10:00 Bristol Stool Chart 11:50 The Hun 12:50 Zong and Fu organs14:48 Paired organ meridian relationships. 17:57 Adrenal Glands and kidney meridian 23:16 Hun, wood, growth24:51 The general liver25:44 Gallbladder administrator30:12 drinking Tart Cherry juice for liver cleanse35:26 Recommend for... Continue Reading →

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