Cardiovascular Disease Class Series

What if Everything you Knew About Cardiovascular Disease was Wrong?

Are you wanting to be more confident in your Cardiovascular knowledge?

Are you wanting to spot the “red flags” on your patients for the #1 cause of disease?

Can you spot the signs and symptoms of early Cardiovascular disease?

Join us for a 15-class series ALL on the Cardiovascular system.

All classes will provide 1 Live NCCAOM Certification

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Part one will provide an overview of:

The often-misunderstood functions of the heart and arteries.

Discover the long-lost art of taking a proper and informative cardiovascular history.

Introduction to signs and symptoms of cardiovascular illness you would see in your clinic when a proper exam is accomplished.

At the end of the series, participants will realize that the majority of what they thought they knew about cardiovascular function and treatment was not complete.

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Part two will provide the causes of cardiovascular disease and the methodologies and principles that can be used to prevent cardiovascular disease.

This course will cover:

Simple Understanding of Lipids

Understanding Qi and Blood as it relates to the heart.

Basic formulas, supplements and lifestyle to prevent cardiovascular disease.

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