Do you want to know more about the ideal lab results for optimal health and maximized longevity?

The Sweet Spot is an eye-opening health guide for adults who want to maximize their health and live a healthier and longer life. This book delves into the truths of standard ranges when it comes to tests. Understand the meaning of what’s normal, healthy, and ideal from the research studies presented in this book!

Many patients know that they have less than optimal health, yet nobody is telling them why.

Quickly see the ideal lab values to maximize longevity and lower mortality risk. These research supported values are significantly different from those your healthcare provider is likely to highlight. See the actual graphs that show the “sweet spot,” for maximum health.

In this book, you will learn:

  • ”Standard values” on blood tests are actually rarelv standardized and vary from lab to lab.
  • Many of these “standardized ranges” were set decades ago before the tests were fully understood.
  • There are many research studies that indicate the actual “sweet spot” for longevity.
  • Many standard ranges will have a range of 0 to some upper limit. In actuality, low values can be just as dangerous as high values.
  • When your doctor says vour blood tests are normal, this usually means, vou do not need hospitalization or pharmaceuticals. It often does not truly mean “normal” or “healthy” or

This is highly-recommended for anyone who wants to keep track of their health and gain a deeper understanding about the accurate measures that will lead to good health in the future.

Backed by scientific study and actual graphs that show the roadmap to maximum health, Dr.

Nieters and Kathryn Black provide the perfect guide for adults who want to reach the optimum level of their health. To learn more, get a copy now!

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