De-Stressing, Kidney Stones, Seasonal Allergies and more. Balancing Point 4.20.13

Dementia. Acupuncture for stress relief. Grounding out. Hugging trees. Human touch. Lymphatic massage. De-frazzling. Castaneda. “Stop the world.” The power of contemplation. Vitamin D and kidney stones. Dehydration. Calcium buildup. Types of kidney stones. Passing kidney stones. Dietary modifications for kidney stones. Evening primrose oil. Dietary and medical “fads.”  Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Types... Continue Reading →

Parathyroid, Bone Mass, Pharmaceuticals and more. Balancing Point 1.18.13

Best ways to stay healthy: plenty of sleep, de-stress, take Vitamin D. Stress and anxiety. Catabolic hormones. Parathyroid. Calcium. Bone mass. Reading labs. Bodily toxicity. Dementia. DHA. Beta-carotenoids. True effects of pharmaceuticals. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine,... Continue Reading →

Aging and Blood Stasis. Balancing Point 6.25.12

Bringing two worlds together: acupuncturists with hospital privileges. Yan De-xin's work on blood stasis as the proximate cause of age related degeneration. Early signs of aging that will direct treatment plan: scaly dry skin. Varicose veins. Cough and wheezing. Daybreak diarrhea with sore low back and knees. Vertigo, dizziness, headache, poor memory, loss of sleep and... Continue Reading →

Curcumin, Lactose Intolerance, Iron and more. Balancing Point 4.26.12

Lactose intolerance. Anxiety. Kaptchuk, T.J. et al. 2008 study. Lowering iron. Antioxidants. Vitamin D. Curcumin. Alzheimer’s. Macrophages. Liver and gallbladder spasms. Castor oil. Eyelid inflammation. Detoxification side effects. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition, and more. ... Continue Reading →

Neurodegenerative diseases Part 2. Balancing Point 3.12.12

Prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Dementia. Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. ALS. MS. Lifestyle, herbs, acupuncture. Legal pharmaceuticals and brain health. Overmedication. The health pyramid and moving away from dementia risk. Jing, preservation of the vital essence and aging. Stress reduction. Prioritizing a healthy lifestyle. Early warning sign and tests. Foods and supplements for prevention. Laboratory tests for dementia... Continue Reading →

Neurodegenerative Diseases Part 1. The Balancing Point 2.20.12

Brain health and neurodegenerative disease. Dementia, Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. ALS, MS. Predictors, causes, signs and symptoms. The "kidney" system and aging and the brain in Chinese Medicine. Legal and illegal drug use and the affect on the brain. "Kidney deficiency.” "Spleen Qi" deficiency. Phlegm. Damp and blood stasis. Senior moments. Nominative aphasia. Not engaging in mental... Continue Reading →

Connective tissue, lab review, diet soda, PTSD and more. Balancing Point 9.22.11

When to get treatment from an acupuncturist.  Collagen health and connective tissue health. Bruising and collagen deficiency.  Lab test review, when to worry about a lab test. Test your microwave for radiation leakage. New study on seniors and pharmaceutical usage. Concerns about diet soda. Aspartame and diabetes link. Soda linked to strokes.  Sores on toes.... Continue Reading →

Dietary therapy. TMJ. Acupuncture styles. Autoimmunity. Coffee and more. Balancing Point 7.21.11

Health education.  Do your own research.  Raising Vitamin D levels.  Enzymes and probiotics during a detox.  Trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ, herbal options and Master Tong acupuncture points. Craniosacral and cradiofacial. The Balance Method. Ear acupuncture.  Sun exposure and melanoma.  Autoimmune disease.  Foods and supplements to support healthy immune response.  How acupuncture works for different autoimmune... Continue Reading →

Diabetes cure? Dairy products. Psoriasis. Ear tubes and more. Balancing Point 6.30.11

Is there a cure for Type 1 Diabetes using the TB vaccine?  Combining certain common pharmaceuticals causes huge leap in blood sugars.  Herbal formula and long term chronic fatigue. Milk, yogurt, kefir, casein, whey, butter and ghee.  Health benefits of chocolate.  Several concerns for patients with psoriasis. Simple treatment for psoriasis. Goat milk. Alternatives for... Continue Reading →

Fatty liver. Migraines. Dementia Prevention. Preserving Brain Function. Balancing Point 6.13.11

  Fatty liver. Question the impossible. Migraines and hormonal imbalances. Dementia, Alzheimer's and brain health. Herbs for dementia prevention.  Herbs to bring up the energy and promote calm, clears a cloudy head. Blood activating and blood nourishing herb, works on vessel leakage.  Herb to calm the spirit and open the orifices, effective for people who... Continue Reading →

GI health. probiotics. butter, eggs. cholesterol. dementia. low energy and more. Balancing Point 5.5.11

  Gastrointestinal problems and probiotics. Butter, eggs and cholesterol. New study on salt intake and heart disease. Hypertension. Water safety.  Brain health, Alzheimer's and dementia. Antidepressants. After bowel surgery, digesting nutrients. Napping and narcolepsy. Low energy, tonic herbal formulas. Arthritis. Strontium and radioactive iodine levels. Electromagnetic fields. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and... Continue Reading →

Autoimmune markers. DVT and vascular health. Controlling blood sugars and more. Balancing Point 4.21.11

Intermittent hot spots on legs.  Autoimmune markers. Capillary disease, broken distended capillaries.  Benefits of BioMat in changing blood flow. Deep vein thrombosis. Techniques,  supplements and herbs for vascular health. Diabetic high blood sugar with cardiac conditions. Lowering blood sugars slowly and addressing underlying insulin and leptin resistance. Control blood sugars.  Vitamin D3.  Concerns about too... Continue Reading →

The Balancing Point 1.20.11 Master Wei Tsui, Pulmonary Fibrosis, e. Coli, heart murmurs and more.

Master Wei Tsui.  Hegu (Li 4) acupuncture point. Pulmonary fibrosis.  Pre-Maoist acupuncture training. Developing pre-cognition awareness. Swollen leg after fall. Healing options after E.Coli exposure. Far-Infrared treatment. Test to predict alzheimer's disease. Heart murmurs. Detox, weight loss and acupuncture. Tai Ji mini set upcoming workshop. Medication and acupuncture for pain. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western... Continue Reading →

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