Q&A 3/15/22 Rain & Pain, Shingles, Tinnitus, Dry Brushing, Liver Cleanse

Podcast Highlights: 02:51 Why am I a human barometer? I hurt more when it's raining. 23:35 Can I talk about the shingles vaccine? 29:52 What can be done to help tinnitus? 35:12 What's the correct way to dry brush? 40:00 Ultimate Liver Cleanse Program starting soon   Full video of webinar:   https://youtu.be/F8taSukStmc Transcript from... Continue Reading →

Stress, Nature of Truth, Migraines and more. Balancing Point 12.21.12.

Holiday stress. Creating your reality. Focusing your attention. Dwell in the truth. The dao de jing. Goodness and badness. Eight hugs a day. Migraines. Detox and weight loss. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition, and more. ... Continue Reading →

Kidney Stones and Gout. Balancing Point 4.30.12

Kidney health: overworked, undernourished, low grade infections, alkaline urine, stones, flushing,  lithotripsy. Occult infections. Gout, high uric acid levels and cardiovascular disease. Simple kidney cleanse protocol to flush stones and deposits. How to support kidney function and prevent kidney stone formation. Children, obesity and type 2 diabetes in the news. Calories are not created equal.... Continue Reading →

Radiation, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Liver cleanses and more. Balancing Point 3.15.12

Radiation. Squalene. Botox. Cosmetic acupuncture. Fat distribution. Weight loss. Weight fluctuations. Leptin system. Liver cleanse. Protecting the liver. Milk thistle. Dandelion. Gallbladder health. Thermograms. Glucose control. Diabetes. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition, and more.  Host... Continue Reading →

Sleep problems, melatonin, tendons, weight Loss, and more. Balancing Point 1.12.12

Turning around pre-diabetic condition.  Sleep problems.   Asthma. Melatonin and magnesium. Grounding. Acupressure channels for spasticity. Balance method. Restless leg. Eye floaters and herbs for visual obstructions. Melatonin, ALS, sleep, weight loss, metabolic rate. Help for plugged ears.  Tendon rupture side effect of Cipro,  support for tendon health in Chinese medicine by supporting the liver and... Continue Reading →

Seasonal changes, immune support, headaches and more. Balancing Point 10.3.11

Harmonizing your body with the natural rhythms of seasonal changes from Long Summer to Fall. Developing immunity. Fall foods for health and warming the middle jiao for sustaining energy. Importance of tranquility, meaning, inspiration and companionship. Using acupuncture to tune-up the immune system. Honor the body's natural sleep cycles, it's time to sleep in. Vitamin... Continue Reading →

Weight loss, gain and obesity. Balancing Point 9.5.11

  Sustaining a healthy weight. Weight loss and weight gain. Obesity on the rise. Children and obesity. Regaining weight after weight loss and sustaining weight loss. Effects of restricting calories long term and short term. Mechanism of stress. Four keys to sustained weight loss. How acupuncture can support weight loss. New studies and 750 year... Continue Reading →

Cosmetic acupuncture. Post-gallbladder surgery. ALS, Crohn’s disease and more. Balancing Point 5.26.11

OTC painkillers and blood cancers. Learning Chinese medicine "drawing clear liquid from the dregs of the ancients". New study on bone health. New study on Vitamin D and COPD.  Weight loss. Stimulate lymph and blood flow. Salt and electrolytes.  Jaw pain.  Medical tourism.   Cosmetic acupuncture or facial acupuncture.  Japanese acupuncture technique.  Scars affecting qi flow.... Continue Reading →

The Balancing Point 1.27.11 Trauma care. Cultured foods and gut health. Liver detox. Osteoporosis and more.

Herbs and liniment for swelling after trauma. Cultured foods and digestive health. Nutrients in food. Detox and acupuncture for weight loss. Travel vaccines.  Flu vaccines. Detox important for fasting and weight loss protocols as toxins release when fats break down. What does it mean to detox liver? Medical fads.  Fluoride. Food poisoning. Garlic benefits and... Continue Reading →

The Balancing Point 1.20.11 Master Wei Tsui, Pulmonary Fibrosis, e. Coli, heart murmurs and more.

Master Wei Tsui.  Hegu (Li 4) acupuncture point. Pulmonary fibrosis.  Pre-Maoist acupuncture training. Developing pre-cognition awareness. Swollen leg after fall. Healing options after E.Coli exposure. Far-Infrared treatment. Test to predict alzheimer's disease. Heart murmurs. Detox, weight loss and acupuncture. Tai Ji mini set upcoming workshop. Medication and acupuncture for pain. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western... Continue Reading →

The Balancing Point 1.6.11 Vision, Building Muscle, Probiotics, Liver Patterns and more.

Sharing our vision for our lives with the world. Powerfully creating the course of your life. Upcoming tai ji workshop.   Creating transformation, opportunity to expand your possibilities.  Caffeine, irritability and decaf tea.  Pre workout and post workout nutrients differ when working out to build muscle or to lose weight. Studies on probiotics.    Unfulfilled desires as... Continue Reading →

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