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Traumatic injury: broken bones and fractures. The Balancing Point 1.30.12

  Traumatic injury. Sports injury. Broken bones and fractures. Qi gong. Nei gong. No free flow and pain. Free flow and no pain.  Bone setting. Getting the right diagnosis. Wu ling san. Proper qi and blood flow. Things that slow the healing process like wheat (inflammatory) and NSAIDS (which double the rate of non-union fractures). […]
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Balancing Point 3.3.11 Chronic pain. Migraines. Distal acupuncture therapy. Lactose intolerance and more.

Movement and exercise, impact on chronic pain. World Health Organization (WHO), National Institute of Health (NIH), US Army, Department of Defense and Pentagon support acupuncture and are training their doctors to do acupuncture.  Department of Industrial Relations (Workers Compensation system of California) authorizes acupuncture treatments.  PUBMED 11,000 acupuncture studies. When pain is intense, what can […]
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