Q&A 5/10/22 Brain Inflammation, Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid, Digestive Problems

  Podcast Highlights: 01:55 Keep Your Mind Healthy So You Can Help in Meaningful Ways 04:00 The Neurotransmitter Paradigm 05:19 SSRI's:  An Occasional solution for an occasional Problem 07:21 CYTOKINE STORMS: The Healing Inflammatory Process Run Amok 11:32 Ibuprofen and Gluten positive correlation to Leaky Gut 13:26 lactobacillus rhamnosus 15:29 Anxiety: Sign of Vitality or... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/3/22 Brain Fog, Magnesium toxicity, Tattoo’s & Anxiety and Depression.

Podcast Highlights: 00:44 I'm having horrible brain fog lately. What causes it? And is there anything that can be done about it? 19:02 Hi, Dr. Nieters, I received a bottle of magnesium threonate last evening. Took the first capsule of the day's three capsules serving, at 6:12. Noticed I was actually feeling more relaxed and... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/19/22 Arthritis and TCM and What’s the Best Form of Magnesium to Take?

Podcast Highlights: 02:30:05 What is TCM's model of care for arthritis and what is causing the imbalance? And can it be reversed? What would be a combined treatment using functional medicine and TCM involved? 33:38:29 What's the best form of magnesium to take? Full video of webinar: https://youtu.be/PogvERp7BLw Podcast Highlights: 02:30:05 What is TCM's model... Continue Reading →

Guasha, Sex, Qi and more. Balancing Point 5.18.13

Acupuncture and guasha for facial rejuvenation.  Daoist and Chinese medicine take on vitality through sex and/or masturbation.  Qi - differing opinions on its existence and at the very least what it actually is in a martial arts sense.  The three essential nutrients needed for a healthy heart - magnesium, fish oil and Vitamin D.  Benefits... Continue Reading →

Testosterone Deficiency, Digestive Issues, Antibacterial Herbs, and more. Balancing Point 3.15.13

Health literacy. Vitamin D-3 levels. Testosterone deficiency. Testosterone-restoring herbs. Cause of enlarged prostate. Treating digestive issues with TCM: leaky gut, ulcerative colitis, etc. Acid reflux pharmaceuticals. Magnesium deficiency. Berberine, barberry, coptis, goldenseal, and other antibacterial herbs. “Minimizing.” Taking inventory of one’s body. Morning muscle aches. Blood and/or qi stagnation. Electrolyte imbalance. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),... Continue Reading →

Healthcare Costs, Fasting, Power and more. Balancing Point 6.28.12

Measuring magnesium. MMSE test for diagnosing and predicting dementia. The cost of healthcare. Preventative vs. curative care. “Effortless power.” Benefits of fasting. Vegetable vs. fruit fasts. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition, and more.  Host Dr.... Continue Reading →

Kidney Stones and Gout. Balancing Point 4.30.12

Kidney health: overworked, undernourished, low grade infections, alkaline urine, stones, flushing,  lithotripsy. Occult infections. Gout, high uric acid levels and cardiovascular disease. Simple kidney cleanse protocol to flush stones and deposits. How to support kidney function and prevent kidney stone formation. Children, obesity and type 2 diabetes in the news. Calories are not created equal.... Continue Reading →

Vitamin A, athsma, estrogen, and more. The Balancing Point 2.2.12

Vitamin D. Dietary vitamin A. Liver, butter, full fat milk. Eye health. Cramping toes. Electrolyte imbalance. Magnesium. Ba fung points. Cyclical fevers. Febrile diseases.  Measles. Asthma.  Mount Sinai asthma study. Bio-available hormones for bone health. Osteopenia. Osteoporosis causes. Estrogen and progesterone. Push hands tai chi. Honey. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional... Continue Reading →

Electrolytes, vitamin D and heart health, GM food and more. The Balancing Point 1.19.12

The totality of approach in Chinese Medicine. Helicobacter Pylori. Ulcers. Electrolytes. Kidneys. Vitamin D and heart health. Chinese Medicine and dentistry. Allergy-causing potential of GM food. Abdominal pain. Importance of palpation in diagnosis. Magnesium deficiencies. Iodine in women’s health. White vs. red light for sleep and health. Tendons and the liver. Pulse-taking.  Recommendations for irregular... Continue Reading →

Low testosterone, human grown hormone, magnesium and more. Balancing Point 9.15.11

Keeping testosterone balanced, concerns about stay-at-home dads.  Chemicals blocking breast cancer drugs.  Human growth hormone and rejuvenation, healing and muscle building. Deep sleep and pulsing of human growth hormone at night. Natural ways to increase human growth hormone. Magnesium supplementation helpful for Type 2 diabetes. Smart meter concerns. Supplements and foods that support meditation and... Continue Reading →

Uterine prolapse. Seasonal allergies. Gua sha therapy. Cancer support and more. Balancing Point 4.7.11

Pain in torso, right side. Uterine prolapse. Seasonal allergies. Spring seasonal advice. Wheat, bread, allergenic foods and enzymes. Many benefits of magnesium. Gua sha, Chinese medicine technique. Benefits of dancing. Benefits of napping. Chinese medicine to support cancer therapies. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health... Continue Reading →

Balancing Point 3.3.11 Chronic pain. Migraines. Distal acupuncture therapy. Lactose intolerance and more.

Movement and exercise, impact on chronic pain. World Health Organization (WHO), National Institute of Health (NIH), US Army, Department of Defense and Pentagon support acupuncture and are training their doctors to do acupuncture.  Department of Industrial Relations (Workers Compensation system of California) authorizes acupuncture treatments.  PUBMED 11,000 acupuncture studies. When pain is intense, what can... Continue Reading →

The Balancing Point 2.17.11 Heart disease. Low fat diets. Inflammatory disease. Lectins. Magnesium and more.

Staying on course with your vision. Join John at the New Living Expo and the World Qigong/TCM Congress.  Creating critical mass. Heart disease and heart attack and the error of the low fat diet. Looking at the root of inflammatory disease, gluten intolerance, food sensitivities, arthritis, eczema, asthma, Crohn's, IBS, joint problems, diabetes. Mouth abscess.... Continue Reading →

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