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Coughs, Colds and Flus. Balancing Point 12.5.11

  Traditional Chinese Medicine and coughs, colds and flus.  Herbal formulas for viral infections.    How to treat the different stages of the colds and flus.  When to seek help, when to self treat. Different types of coughs. Fever, chills, headache, stuffy nose, white tongue coating. Sore throat, yellow tongue coating. Itchy dry throat, red tongue […]
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Yeast. Chronic cough. Tendonitis. Menopause and Chinese herbs, low back pain and more. Balancing Point 3.31.11

Introducing yeast or bacteria.  Chronic cough and getting the correct diagnosis.  Tendonitis.  Injury and pain. How to heal injury site. John’s approach to patient care. New study reviewed on IBS. Menopausal syndrome and dang gui. New study on vitamin D and allergenic symptoms. Low back pain and acupuncture. Transforming anxiety and suffering. Considering statins.  About […]
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