Q&A 6/21/22 Skin Cancer, Olive Oil & Cholesterol

  Podcast Highlights: 01:00 – Benefits of Chrysanthemum 04:33 Pre-cancerous signs on the skin and things to watch for 14:12 COVID and Micro-clots 18:45 Thromboembolic Events 20:18 Lab Test Recommendations 23:38 Genetic SNPs 40:12 Olive Oil Intake and Mortality 44:38 Avocado Benefits 48:06 Cholesterol Benefits 51:27 Vitamin D and Calcium https://youtu.be/eNjaywn5z1s Transcript from Webinar: Howdy... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/14/22 Migraine Headaches

  Podcast Highlights: 00:41 Summer benefits of Watermelon 03:10 SIGNFICANCE OF FOOD TEMPERATURES 03:43 SIGNIFICANCE OF FOOD COLORS 04:31 What is the Health impact of inorganic salts versus organic sodium from plants like celery, tomatoes, etc.." 08:23 Is Camellia Sinensis a super absorber of toxic environmental fluoride from soil, etc.?" 12:55 HEADACHES – Which Migraine... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/7/22 Fatty Liver

Podcast Highlights: 00:44 Acupressure and Essential Oils 05:15 A little bit about water 12:23 Do you use toothpaste with fluoride? 13:31 Hey, Dr. John, my brother was diagnosed with nonalcoholic, fatty liver disease. Is that a real thing? Should I be worried about it? Should I be tested for it? And is there a treatment?... Continue Reading →

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