Q&A 6/21/22 Skin Cancer, Olive Oil & Cholesterol

  Podcast Highlights: 01:00 – Benefits of Chrysanthemum 04:33 Pre-cancerous signs on the skin and things to watch for 14:12 COVID and Micro-clots 18:45 Thromboembolic Events 20:18 Lab Test Recommendations 23:38 Genetic SNPs 40:12 Olive Oil Intake and Mortality 44:38 Avocado Benefits 48:06 Cholesterol Benefits 51:27 Vitamin D and Calcium https://youtu.be/eNjaywn5z1s Transcript from Webinar: Howdy... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/14/22 Migraine Headaches

  Podcast Highlights: 00:41 Summer benefits of Watermelon 03:10 SIGNFICANCE OF FOOD TEMPERATURES 03:43 SIGNIFICANCE OF FOOD COLORS 04:31 What is the Health impact of inorganic salts versus organic sodium from plants like celery, tomatoes, etc.." 08:23 Is Camellia Sinensis a super absorber of toxic environmental fluoride from soil, etc.?" 12:55 HEADACHES – Which Migraine... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/7/22 Fatty Liver

Podcast Highlights: 00:44 Acupressure and Essential Oils 05:15 A little bit about water 12:23 Do you use toothpaste with fluoride? 13:31 Hey, Dr. John, my brother was diagnosed with nonalcoholic, fatty liver disease. Is that a real thing? Should I be worried about it? Should I be tested for it? And is there a treatment?... Continue Reading →

Dangers of Fluoride, Tips for Autumn and Herbs to Travel With; 10.06.2017

  “The Fluoride Problem; Testimony of Dr. Dean Burke” - recommended video.  A new study that confirms the use of fluoride is a problem Fluoride is an endocrine disrupting chemical.  It is linked to thyroid and memory disorders.  It binds to receptor sites resulting in an inability to utilize iodine properly.  Some side effects of high... Continue Reading →

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