Q&A 7/26/22 Simple Lab Tests that Can Make a Big Difference

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 03:19 Simple Lab Testing 04:18 Ideal Functional Ranges 07:20 White Blood Cells 10:25 Hemoglobin 12:06 RDW 14:17 MCV 15:13 Platelets 20:05 hs-CRP 20:55 Homocysteine 21:19 D-Dimer 23:25 Fibrinogen 24:09 GGT  24:48 Ferritin 25:49 Can high platelets lead to menstrual cramps https://youtu.be/6V3L-DhKLEs Transcript from Webinar: Welcome to another edition of "Ask Dr. Neiters" here... Continue Reading →

Q&A 7/19/22 Hypertension


Q&A 7/12/22 Long COVID, Benefits of Acupuncture

Podcast Highlights: 00:30 POST COVID EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS 12:17 RESEARCH ARTICLES 22:39  Why doesn't everybody get acupuncture all the time? 34:57 Acupuncture and HPA system https://youtu.be/iuwO0koAZwM Transcript from Webinar: Hello there. This is Dr. John, back with you. I want to thank Kathryn for doing such a great job. Last week I was a little under... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/28/22 All About Sodium

  Podcast Highlights: 00:27 Taking Breaks from Adaptogens 04:26– Serum Sodium Ranges 05:40 – U-Shape curves 08:06– Functional Ranges on blood work 09:28 – The Salt Fix 10:50 – Healthy Sodium ranges 12:01– Low Sodium 13:25– Adrenal Fatigue 15:48 – Orthostatic Hypotension 20:36– Table Salt 24:01 - Aldosterone 25:44 - Hypovolemia 28:41 – Mild Hyponatremia... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/21/22 Skin Cancer, Olive Oil & Cholesterol

  Podcast Highlights: 01:00 – Benefits of Chrysanthemum 04:33 Pre-cancerous signs on the skin and things to watch for 14:12 COVID and Micro-clots 18:45 Thromboembolic Events 20:18 Lab Test Recommendations 23:38 Genetic SNPs 40:12 Olive Oil Intake and Mortality 44:38 Avocado Benefits 48:06 Cholesterol Benefits 51:27 Vitamin D and Calcium https://youtu.be/eNjaywn5z1s Transcript from Webinar: Howdy... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/14/22 Migraine Headaches

  Podcast Highlights: 00:41 Summer benefits of Watermelon 03:10 SIGNFICANCE OF FOOD TEMPERATURES 03:43 SIGNIFICANCE OF FOOD COLORS 04:31 What is the Health impact of inorganic salts versus organic sodium from plants like celery, tomatoes, etc.." 08:23 Is Camellia Sinensis a super absorber of toxic environmental fluoride from soil, etc.?" 12:55 HEADACHES – Which Migraine... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/7/22 Fatty Liver

  Podcast Highlights: 00:44 Acupressure and Essential Oils 05:15 A little bit about water 12:23 Do you use toothpaste with fluoride? 13:31 Hey, Dr. John, my brother was diagnosed with nonalcoholic, fatty liver disease. Is that a real thing? Should I be worried about it? Should I be tested for it? And is there a... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/31/22 Thyroid Disorders

  Podcast Highlights: 00:43 What is the relationship between depression and leaky gut? 02:15 What about Leaky Gut and ADHD? 03:18 I've gained 35 pounds in the past two months. I went from eating gluten free, sugar free to eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I haven't been dealing with life very well. Is... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/24/22 Digestion: SIBO, SIFO, EPI and Leaky Gut

  Podcast Highlights: 03:23 My naturopath has said that I have SIBO, SIFO, EPI and leaky gut. What does this all mean and does it make sense? 06:00 Chewing Food 11:50 Bitter Foods 30:30 Hiatal Hernia 31:32 H. Pylori 34:02 Pancreas and Gallbladder 36:02 "EPI." Endogenous Pancreatic Enzyme Insufficiency 38:01 Breaking Down Enzymes 41:41 Leaky... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/17/22 D-Dimer, micro-clotting, Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Long COVID Symptoms

  Podcast Highlights: 06:11 High D-Dimer test results while in ER 45:42 Type of magnesium recommended for long-COVID heart problems. 47:14 Which brands of nattokinase and serrapeptase do you recommend? 48:10 What do you think about Health Concerns supplement - Serramend? https://youtu.be/TXuGaPKzPO4 Transcript from Webinar: Hi there.  Welcome to another edition of "Ask Dr. John."... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/10/22 Brain Inflammation, Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid, Digestive Problems

  Podcast Highlights: 01:55 Keep Your Mind Healthy So You Can Help in Meaningful Ways 04:00 The Neurotransmitter Paradigm 05:19 SSRI's:  An Occasional solution for an occasional Problem 07:21 CYTOKINE STORMS: The Healing Inflammatory Process Run Amok 11:32 Ibuprofen and Gluten positive correlation to Leaky Gut 13:26 lactobacillus rhamnosus 15:29 Anxiety: Sign of Vitality or... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/3/22 Brain Fog, Magnesium toxicity, Tattoo’s & Anxiety and Depression.

Podcast Highlights: 00:44 I'm having horrible brain fog lately. What causes it? And is there anything that can be done about it? 19:02 Hi, Dr. Nieters, I received a bottle of magnesium threonate last evening. Took the first capsule of the day's three capsules serving, at 6:12. Noticed I was actually feeling more relaxed and... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/26/22 Old Scars and Benefits of Coffee and Tea

  Podcast Highlights: 03:31:22 Could my internal organs be displaced after a C-section 17 years ago or from adhesions forming after that surgery? Could visceral manipulation be good to try for diagnosis and or relief?" 25:59:27 Is all caffeine, the same? Coffee and tea? Does the different sugar content in soft drinks make a difference?... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/19/22 Arthritis and TCM and What’s the Best Form of Magnesium to Take?

Podcast Highlights: 02:30:05 What is TCM's model of care for arthritis and what is causing the imbalance? And can it be reversed? What would be a combined treatment using functional medicine and TCM involved? 33:38:29 What's the best form of magnesium to take? Full video of webinar: https://youtu.be/PogvERp7BLw Podcast Highlights: 02:30:05 What is TCM's model... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/12/22 Hypertension and Sammi People, Hypovolemia, Orthostatic Hypotension, Low Aldosterone, Low or High MCV on Lab test, Mushrooms/Caffeine/Espresso for ADD, Hives after virus, Dementia and supplements

Podcast Highlights: 01:31:03 - Hypertension and polymorphisms of the Sammi people 10:12:06 - I have a MCV on my blood test of 101, what does that mean? 27:29:18 - What are your thoughts about using mushrooms as an alternative to caffeine or espressos? 30:25:19 - What's can I put in a protein shakes for my... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/5/22 Sleep problems, Appendix, Old foot injury, Postpartum & histamine and Concussions

Podcast Highlights: 03:02:19 - I'm currently doing the liver flush and I'm noticing my deep sleep isn't as long as it normally is. Why would that be? 09:03:18 - Has the function of the appendix been determined by traditional medicine? They say it has no function, although it doesn't make sense that nature would do... Continue Reading →

Q&A 3/29/22 Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Liver/ Gallbladder

Full video of webinar: Podcast Highlights: 02:00 pH changes in the digestive system7:40 Gallbladder stones 10:00 Bristol Stool Chart 11:50 The Hun 12:50 Zong and Fu organs14:48 Paired organ meridian relationships. 17:57 Adrenal Glands and kidney meridian 23:16 Hun, wood, growth24:51 The general liver25:44 Gallbladder administrator30:12 drinking Tart Cherry juice for liver cleanse35:26 Recommend for... Continue Reading →

Q&A 3/22/22 Functional Labs, Long COVID, Adrenal Fatigue, Gallbladder pain, Hiatal Hernia, CT Scans/ Ultrasound

Podcast Highlights: 01:08 "I talk to my doctor about the labs and he says you don't need to be worried about those labs. They're within normal limits, etc.. 11:02 I had mild COVID symptoms. I added brain fog, low appetite. low optimism. I'm just in survival mode. I move 40% slower than usual. 29:57 I... Continue Reading →

Q&A 3/15/22 Rain & Pain, Shingles, Tinnitus, Dry Brushing, Liver Cleanse

Podcast Highlights: 02:51 Why am I a human barometer? I hurt more when it's raining. 23:35 Can I talk about the shingles vaccine? 29:52 What can be done to help tinnitus? 35:12 What's the correct way to dry brush? 40:00 Ultimate Liver Cleanse Program starting soon   Full video of webinar:   https://youtu.be/F8taSukStmc Transcript from... Continue Reading →

Sleep, Kids & IBS, Muscle Testing, Mold Exposure, Nature & Microbiome and MCAS

Questions Include: 06:54 Best Time to Sleep? 22:11 How to get kids to acknowledge they have IBS and how to help treat it? 35:49 What is Muscle Testing? 41:40 Symptoms of Mold Exposure? 43:55 Looking for a primary care doctor. 44:32 How does being in nature change our microbiome? 49:15 How Mast Cell Activation Syndrome... Continue Reading →

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