Q&A 5/4/23 Mercury… The often overlooked cause of not feeling well.

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: Mercury is one of the 2nd most toxic metals in our environment and can unknowingly be having a great impact on health.  Mercury will have an impact on our nerves, hormones, candida and neurological symptoms. https://youtu.be/jfZnLjpji78 PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 00:00 Introduction 04:15 Mercury and Amalgam fillings 07:12 Mercury and nerves 09:51 Hormones and Mercury... Continue Reading →

Overall Health, Anemia, Mercury and more. Balancing Point 2.15.13

Fatigue. Overall health and wellbeing. Anemia. B-12 deficiency. Low Vitamin D levels. Cholesterol. Redefining “normal.” Symptoms are not normal.  Dangers of even minor surgeries. Hyper parathyroid. Magnesium deficiency. Dealing with root causes rather than symptoms. Purpose of pain. Mercury poisoning. Chronic pancreatitis. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The... Continue Reading →

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