Q&A 5/4/23 Mercury… The often overlooked cause of not feeling well.

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: Mercury is one of the 2nd most toxic metals in our environment and can unknowingly be having a great impact on health.  Mercury will have an impact on our nerves, hormones, candida and neurological symptoms. https://youtu.be/jfZnLjpji78 PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 00:00 Introduction 04:15 Mercury and Amalgam fillings 07:12 Mercury and nerves 09:51 Hormones and Mercury... Continue Reading →

Q&A 5/31/22 Thyroid Disorders

  Podcast Highlights: 00:43 What is the relationship between depression and leaky gut? 02:15 What about Leaky Gut and ADHD? 03:18 I've gained 35 pounds in the past two months. I went from eating gluten free, sugar free to eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I haven't been dealing with life very well. Is... Continue Reading →

Spring, Gu Syndromes, Microwaves and more. Balancing Point 3.29.13

“Go with the flow.” Emerging for springtime. Gu type disorders. Parasitic pathogens. Lyme disease. Length of efficacy of formulas. Abdominal distention. Co-infections. Cooking with microwaves. Low-fat diets. High- vs. low-quality fats. Costs of healthcare. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional... Continue Reading →

Ataxia, Lyme Disease, Low Blood Pressure and more. Balancing Point 2.8.13

Repetitive stress injuries. Acupuncture for orthopedic injuries. Ataxia. Low blood pressure. Blood stasis as primary cause of aging. Lyme disease: contraction and remedy. Western vs. Chinese therapies for lyme disease. Gu and chung diseases. Biofilm-dissolving herbs. Continuous vs. discrete supplementation. Coldness of the extremities. Epicor. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine.... Continue Reading →

Gallbladder, MS, Good Oils, and more. Balancing Point 1.25.13

Gallbladder removal surgery. Passing gall stones. Gallbladder health diet. Multiple sclerosis: causes, remedies, and hope for the future. Sore throats. Cold and flu. Herbal medicine. Gui zhi tang. Infectious agents. Strep throat. Powerfully anti-viral herbs. Good fats and oils for cooking. Polyunsaturated fats. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming.... Continue Reading →

Warts, Insomnia, Dairy and more. Balancing Point 1.4.13

Influenza. Boosting immunity. Warts. Anti-viral herbs. Body odors. Insomnia. Sleep issues leading to diabetes. Health care system inefficiencies. Kefir. Perils of dairy. Red palm oil. Extra virgin oils. Omega-3 fatty acids. Algae. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine,... Continue Reading →

Arthritis, Incontinence, Vitamin D and more. Balancing Point 11.9.12

Heberden's node. Osteoarthritis of the finger joints. Genetic component vs. simple wear and tear. Inflammatory component. Treating the entire body system.  Adressing systemic problems, rather than just diseases.  Osteoarthritis vs. rheumatoid arthritis. Ei type pain. Incontinence: causes, prevention, remedies. Prolapse. Insidious inflammation. Cholesterol. Dangers of vasectomies. Vitamin D levels. Active vs. passive Vitamin D forms.... Continue Reading →

Heat, Allergies, Immune Health and more. Balancing Point 7.6.12

Heat rash. Clearing summer heat. Trapped heat. Seasonal allergies. Antihistamines. Injection therapies. Micro acupuncture systems. Balancing the immune system. Shonishin technique. Pressure points for allergies. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition, and more.  Host Dr. John... Continue Reading →

Hysterectomies, Abdominal Pain, Hives and more. Balancing Point 6.7.12

Intestinal dysbiosis and linked illnesses. Hysterectomies. Drusin. Macular degeneration. Green tea extract and astaxanthin for eye health. SOD. Latent heat. Chronic illness. Methylation pathways. Macro vs. micro systems. “Unexplained” abdominal pain. Post-surgery pain. Chi nei tsang. Thyroid conditions and heart attacks. Hives and autoimmune disease.  Hives indicate damp heat. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective,... Continue Reading →

Seasonal sleep, Arginine, Bell’s Palsy and more. Balancing Point 5.10.12

Finding our source assumptions. Whole health. Mental health. Nature of reality. Seasonal sleep adjustment. Konjac mannan. Arginine. Causes of Multiple sclerosis. Phytic acid. IP-6. Chelation. Nose tickle. Liver discomfort. Bell’s Palsy. Trigeminal nerve. Blood pressure. Beet roots, celery, cucumber. Iron. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point... Continue Reading →

Pain Management, Protein, Kawasaki Disease and more. Balancing Point 4.12.12

Corydalin/Yan Hu Suo. Pain management. Binaural beats. Qi stagnation. Liver depression. Kawasaki disease. Statins. Heart disease. Diabetes. Gluten intolerance. High-lectin foods. Pea protein. Rice proteins. Bowel micro-flora. Probiotics. Bowel disease. The master cleanse. Breaking fasts.  Curbing sweet tooth. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk... Continue Reading →

Autoimmune and Inflammation. Balancing Point 4.2.12

Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases on the rise. “Autogens”. Pathogenesis, toxic environmental factors. Diet and lifestyle. Behcet's disease and cow's milk proteins. Translating TCM terminology "wind, damp-heat & phlegm."  Herbal medicine and classical formulas for autoimmune disorders and inflammation, i.e. systemic lupus, MS, ALS, collagen diseases, kidney damage, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, anti-baterial, anti-viral, respiratory tract support,... Continue Reading →

Neurodegenerative diseases Part 2. Balancing Point 3.12.12

Prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. Dementia. Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. ALS. MS. Lifestyle, herbs, acupuncture. Legal pharmaceuticals and brain health. Overmedication. The health pyramid and moving away from dementia risk. Jing, preservation of the vital essence and aging. Stress reduction. Prioritizing a healthy lifestyle. Early warning sign and tests. Foods and supplements for prevention. Laboratory tests for dementia... Continue Reading →

Neurodegenerative Diseases Part 1. The Balancing Point 2.20.12

Brain health and neurodegenerative disease. Dementia, Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. ALS, MS. Predictors, causes, signs and symptoms. The "kidney" system and aging and the brain in Chinese Medicine. Legal and illegal drug use and the affect on the brain. "Kidney deficiency.” "Spleen Qi" deficiency. Phlegm. Damp and blood stasis. Senior moments. Nominative aphasia. Not engaging in mental... Continue Reading →

Allergies, arthritis, winter seasonal advice and more. Balancing Point 12.1.11

CEU course on diabetes this weekend with Dr. Nieters in Sacramento.  Cat allergy. igE and igG. Several protocols for allergy treament.  Foods and supplements that block the release of histamines. Arthritis and diabetes, three  week program to clear inflammation and primary method of treatment is herbal medicine and dietary change. Heberden's nodes (swollen joints). Intestinal... Continue Reading →

Lyme disease, gu syndrome and knotty diseases. Balancing Point 8.29.11

"Knotty " diseases and "Gu" syndromes: Pathogenic chronic diseases, caused by external organisms. Including Lyme disease, chronic viral infections, parasitic diseases, spirochetes, mycoplasmas, fungal infections, protazoan infections and cytokine storms. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show about Traditional Chinese Medicine, supplements, nutrition,... Continue Reading →

Dietary therapy. TMJ. Acupuncture styles. Autoimmunity. Coffee and more. Balancing Point 7.21.11

Health education.  Do your own research.  Raising Vitamin D levels.  Enzymes and probiotics during a detox.  Trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ, herbal options and Master Tong acupuncture points. Craniosacral and cradiofacial. The Balance Method. Ear acupuncture.  Sun exposure and melanoma.  Autoimmune disease.  Foods and supplements to support healthy immune response.  How acupuncture works for different autoimmune... Continue Reading →

Autoimmune markers. DVT and vascular health. Controlling blood sugars and more. Balancing Point 4.21.11

Intermittent hot spots on legs.  Autoimmune markers. Capillary disease, broken distended capillaries.  Benefits of BioMat in changing blood flow. Deep vein thrombosis. Techniques,  supplements and herbs for vascular health. Diabetic high blood sugar with cardiac conditions. Lowering blood sugars slowly and addressing underlying insulin and leptin resistance. Control blood sugars.  Vitamin D3.  Concerns about too... Continue Reading →

The Balancing Point 2.24.11 Heart health, Shoulder pain, Breast health thermagrams, Ulcerative Colitis and more.

High blood pressure, not sleeping well, obesity (likely insulin resistant), history of heart disease in family -where to start, finding the root. Ergonomics and repetitive stress injuries. Shoulder pain, rotator cuff injury. Pneumonia vaccine. Laboratory testing for healthy vitamin D levels. Thermograms to measure blood flow in breast tissue and early detection for tumors.  Breast... Continue Reading →

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