Q&A 5/24/22 Digestion: SIBO, SIFO, EPI and Leaky Gut

  Podcast Highlights: 03:23 My naturopath has said that I have SIBO, SIFO, EPI and leaky gut. What does this all mean and does it make sense? 06:00 Chewing Food 11:50 Bitter Foods 30:30 Hiatal Hernia 31:32 H. Pylori 34:02 Pancreas and Gallbladder 36:02 "EPI." Endogenous Pancreatic Enzyme Insufficiency 38:01 Breaking Down Enzymes 41:41 Leaky... Continue Reading →

Weekly Podcast: It All Begins in the Gut

Podcast Highlights: It All Begins in The Gut Importance of getting the liver to function properly. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is the General in the body.Looking at depression, anger, irritability, frustration and the role the Liver plays. Importance of reducing inflammation in the gut. Wheat and leaky gut connection10-Day coaching and educational group starting... Continue Reading →

SIBO; Sun Exposure; Testosterone; 01.05.2018

  A breath test is the standard diagnostic tool used by medical doctors in diagnosing SIBO or Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.  It is a condition where particular strains of bacteria have colonized the small intestine. Dr. Siebecker has a good example chart of a specific carbohydrate diet that is beneficial when dealing with SIBO. Video... Continue Reading →

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