Q&A 5/24/22 Digestion: SIBO, SIFO, EPI and Leaky Gut

  Podcast Highlights: 03:23 My naturopath has said that I have SIBO, SIFO, EPI and leaky gut. What does this all mean and does it make sense? 06:00 Chewing Food 11:50 Bitter Foods 30:30 Hiatal Hernia 31:32 H. Pylori 34:02 Pancreas and Gallbladder 36:02 "EPI." Endogenous Pancreatic Enzyme Insufficiency 38:01 Breaking Down Enzymes 41:41 Leaky... Continue Reading →

Dietary therapy. TMJ. Acupuncture styles. Autoimmunity. Coffee and more. Balancing Point 7.21.11

Health education.  Do your own research.  Raising Vitamin D levels.  Enzymes and probiotics during a detox.  Trigeminal neuralgia and TMJ, herbal options and Master Tong acupuncture points. Craniosacral and cradiofacial. The Balance Method. Ear acupuncture.  Sun exposure and melanoma.  Autoimmune disease.  Foods and supplements to support healthy immune response.  How acupuncture works for different autoimmune... Continue Reading →

Balancing Point 3.17.11 Eczema. Leaky gut in depth. Menopausal symptoms. Fibromyalgia. Iodine and more.

Childhood eczema.  Leaky gut. TCM herbal formulas to heal the lining of the intestines.  Gut permeability, digestive enzymes, fiber, probiotics, secretory IgA, laboratory test GI Panel. Chinese herbs for extreme menopausal symptoms. Fibromyalgia and pain syndromes.  Iodine, radiation and thyroid health. Fungal infections. Toenail fungus. Mosquito bites. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and... Continue Reading →

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