Aging & Longevity (Chinese Medicine’s Kidney System). Balancing Point 5.7.12

Aging and longevity and the "Kidney System" and “blood stasis" in Chinese medicine and translation to Western biomedicine. Endocrine system. Chinese medicine statements of fact explained. Kidneys store essence. Kidneys govern fluids and water. Kidneys govern the absorption of qi. Kidneys govern the bones. Kidneys govern agility. Fear is the orientation of the kidneys. The... Continue Reading →

Female Infertility, PCOS and endocrine disorders. Balancing Point 11.21.11

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Stein-Leventhal Syndrome,  female infertility, endocrine disorders. Erratic menstruation, lack of menstruation, facial hair, darker body hair, hair on nipples, change or increase in body fat, apple shaped body, acne, insulin resistance, low HDL, high LDL, cholesterol, irregular ovulation, no ovulation, androgen excess, FSH:LH, thyroid testing, regulating leptin and ghrelin.  Chlomid vs.... Continue Reading →

Seasonal changes, immune support, headaches and more. Balancing Point 10.3.11

Harmonizing your body with the natural rhythms of seasonal changes from Long Summer to Fall. Developing immunity. Fall foods for health and warming the middle jiao for sustaining energy. Importance of tranquility, meaning, inspiration and companionship. Using acupuncture to tune-up the immune system. Honor the body's natural sleep cycles, it's time to sleep in. Vitamin... Continue Reading →

Diabetes 101: Part 2 of 2. Balancing Point 6.27.11

Diabetes 101: Part 2 of 2.  This show is an in depth look at diabetes.  What you can do to avoid it and how to turn it around. Diabetes and adrenal dysfunction. Treatments, supplements, diet, exercise and sleep. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio... Continue Reading →

The Balancing Point 2.10.11 Endocrine health, adrenal fatigue, diabetes. Statin drugs. Potassium and more.

Staying on course with your vision. Join John at the New Living Expo and the World Qigong/TCM Congress.  Dr. Effie Chow's prescription for health. Endocrine health, adrenal fatigue,  thyroid health, diabetes. Understanding cravings for caffeine and sugar. Preventing disease in childhood. TCM terminology explained kidney yin weak, kidney yang weak - different hormone  systems. Connection... Continue Reading →

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