Q&A 2/23/23 Rickettsia, Anti-Inflammatory Herbs, Antibodies, Dawn Effect & Green Tea

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 00:00 - Kinesiology testing 09:36 What Chinese herbs would you use to treat an inflammation? 14:37 Berberine 16:56 Scutellarin 21:31 Fish Oil 32:43 Ginger 35:13 Garlic 36:51 Turmeric 38:23 Cardamom 39:52 Green Tea 42:16 Rosemary 42:58 Cinnamon 45:43 Uric Acid 47:00 Antibodies 48:47 The dawn effect 52:19 Recommendation on Green Tea? 53:14 Rosemary... Continue Reading →

The Balancing Point 1.27.11 Trauma care. Cultured foods and gut health. Liver detox. Osteoporosis and more.

Herbs and liniment for swelling after trauma. Cultured foods and digestive health. Nutrients in food. Detox and acupuncture for weight loss. Travel vaccines.  Flu vaccines. Detox important for fasting and weight loss protocols as toxins release when fats break down. What does it mean to detox liver? Medical fads.  Fluoride. Food poisoning. Garlic benefits and... Continue Reading →

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