Q&A 2/23/23 Rickettsia, Anti-Inflammatory Herbs, Antibodies, Dawn Effect & Green Tea

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 00:00 - Kinesiology testing 09:36 What Chinese herbs would you use to treat an inflammation? 14:37 Berberine 16:56 Scutellarin 21:31 Fish Oil 32:43 Ginger 35:13 Garlic 36:51 Turmeric 38:23 Cardamom 39:52 Green Tea 42:16 Rosemary 42:58 Cinnamon 45:43 Uric Acid 47:00 Antibodies 48:47 The dawn effect 52:19 Recommendation on Green Tea? 53:14 Rosemary... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/19/22 Arthritis and TCM and What’s the Best Form of Magnesium to Take?

Podcast Highlights: 02:30:05 What is TCM's model of care for arthritis and what is causing the imbalance? And can it be reversed? What would be a combined treatment using functional medicine and TCM involved? 33:38:29 What's the best form of magnesium to take? Full video of webinar: https://youtu.be/PogvERp7BLw Podcast Highlights: 02:30:05 What is TCM's model... Continue Reading →

Immunity, Low Back Pain. Flatulence and more. Balancing Point 12.14.12

Cold and flu season. Immunity. Vegetarianism. Importance of healthy fats. Dementia prevention. Vitamin D. Mediterranean diet. Low back pain. Steroid injections side effects. Efficacy of acupuncture. Prolotherapy. Gout. Psoriasis. Eggs. Dentures. Acupuncture for brain diseases. Flatulence. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Western Perspective, Integrative and Functional Medicine. Live streaming. The Balancing Point health radio talk show... Continue Reading →

Kidney Stones and Gout. Balancing Point 4.30.12

Kidney health: overworked, undernourished, low grade infections, alkaline urine, stones, flushing,  lithotripsy. Occult infections. Gout, high uric acid levels and cardiovascular disease. Simple kidney cleanse protocol to flush stones and deposits. How to support kidney function and prevent kidney stone formation. Children, obesity and type 2 diabetes in the news. Calories are not created equal.... Continue Reading →

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