Q&A 7/26/22 Simple Lab Tests that Can Make a Big Difference

PODCAST HIGHLIGHTS: 03:19 Simple Lab Testing 04:18 Ideal Functional Ranges 07:20 White Blood Cells 10:25 Hemoglobin 12:06 RDW 14:17 MCV 15:13 Platelets 20:05 hs-CRP 20:55 Homocysteine 21:19 D-Dimer 23:25 Fibrinogen 24:09 GGT  24:48 Ferritin 25:49 Can high platelets lead to menstrual cramps https://youtu.be/6V3L-DhKLEs Transcript from Webinar: Welcome to another edition of "Ask Dr. Neiters" here... Continue Reading →

Q&A 7/12/22 Long COVID, Benefits of Acupuncture

Podcast Highlights: 00:30 POST COVID EMOTIONAL SYMPTOMS 12:17 RESEARCH ARTICLES 22:39  Why doesn't everybody get acupuncture all the time? 34:57 Acupuncture and HPA system https://youtu.be/iuwO0koAZwM Transcript from Webinar: Hello there. This is Dr. John, back with you. I want to thank Kathryn for doing such a great job. Last week I was a little under... Continue Reading →

Q&A 6/28/22 All About Sodium

  Podcast Highlights: 00:27 Taking Breaks from Adaptogens 04:26– Serum Sodium Ranges 05:40 – U-Shape curves 08:06– Functional Ranges on blood work 09:28 – The Salt Fix 10:50 – Healthy Sodium ranges 12:01– Low Sodium 13:25– Adrenal Fatigue 15:48 – Orthostatic Hypotension 20:36– Table Salt 24:01 - Aldosterone 25:44 - Hypovolemia 28:41 – Mild Hyponatremia... Continue Reading →

Q&A 4/12/22 Hypertension and Sammi People, Hypovolemia, Orthostatic Hypotension, Low Aldosterone, Low or High MCV on Lab test, Mushrooms/Caffeine/Espresso for ADD, Hives after virus, Dementia and supplements

Podcast Highlights: 01:31:03 - Hypertension and polymorphisms of the Sammi people 10:12:06 - I have a MCV on my blood test of 101, what does that mean? 27:29:18 - What are your thoughts about using mushrooms as an alternative to caffeine or espressos? 30:25:19 - What's can I put in a protein shakes for my... Continue Reading →

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