Importance of a Liver Flush Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, talks about the Liver/Gallbladder and the roles it plays in all areas of our health. The importance of having a healthy liver and the ability to clear toxins, virus, bacteria, mold and lyme so that we are able to recover from illness, trauma and external environmental toxins quickly. If... Continue Reading →

Tai Qi: The Source of the Force Dr. John Nieters discusses the the Tai Qi principles on the importance of alignment and applying all movements through the core. Dr. John Nieters began studying Tai Qi with Master YC Chang almost 50 years ago. He also studied Wing Chun and small circle Jiu Jitsu. He started his studies with Peter Ralston –... Continue Reading →

Different Types of Needling Techniques Dr. Jenny Nieters L.Ac, DACM, talks about how different needling techniques should be used based on the athletes current needs. Acupuncture does not need to be painful. Most of Dr. Jenny's patients report barely feeling the needles, yet seeing amazing results. Excerpt taken from UC Berkeley Guest Lecture Zoom Presentation - April 20, 2020.... Continue Reading →

Exciting Announcements Do you know why Telehealth is becoming so successful? Besides the convenience for the patient, it also increases the hormone "Oxytocin." Oxytocin is the hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It decreases stress, relieves anxiety and helps with healing. Eye contact is one way to increase oxytocin. Dr. John Nieters is... Continue Reading →

Meet Dr. John Nieters Meet Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac, DAOM. Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture. Dr. John Nieters L.Ac, DAOM, hosts The Balancing Point. A weekly video series which focuses on education, lifestyle, classical wisdom and health. Dr. John Nieters has been serving the Bay Area community for over 35 years. In his practice at Alameda Acupuncture,... Continue Reading →

Commonwealth Club: Electroacupuncture and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Reignite the Spark! ELECTROACUPUNCTURE FOR THE TREATMENT OF NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES   Hear of the latest research behind electroacupuncture and neurological diseases: Alzheimer's disease/ Dementia Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Motor Neuron Disease Parkinson's Multiple Sclerosis Neurological disease is an increasingly common issue in our lives today, but research is building on the different ways acupuncture can... Continue Reading →

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